10 Things to Do During Downtime at Work: Nonprofit Resources August 26, 2020

10 Things to Do During Downtime at Work:

1. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WORK hand in perfect work that you can be proud of.
2. LOOK AHEAD wrap your head around upcoming deadlines.
3. HELP A CO-WORKER especially if you see someone struggling to meet a deadline.
4. ORGANIZE YOUR WORKSPACE give yourself a clean slate for tomorrow.
5. ORGANIZE YOUR DIGITAL WORKSPACE clear your inbox and sort the documents floating around your desktop.
6. PREP FOR YOUR ANNUAL REVIEW write down your accomplishments now while they’re fresh in your mind.
7. CREATE A TO-DO LIST prioritize your work for tomorrow.
8. BUILD YOUR KNOWLEDGE read industry blogs or books or start learning a relevant skill.
9. DO A BACK-BURNER PROJECT that thing you’ve had on your list for months? do it now.
10. GET INVOLVED IN ANOTHER TEAM PROJECT work with your co-workers on one of their projects for a new challenge.

excerpted from Levo League

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