Captive or Contract? The Pros and Cons of Nonprofit Staffing Models Nonprofit Resources January 28, 2021

Captive or Contract? The Pros and Cons of Nonprofit Staffing Models

You may or may not know, there are essentially four basic options available to manage non-profit organizations. *Member Volunteers *Employed Staff *AMC-Managed *AMC-Supported
Where is your organization in this? Do you rely on captive staff to fully manage everything top to bottom, or do you utilize the skills and resources of contractors to help fulfill your mission? If you’re struggling with how to maintain management expertise at an affordable cost, you won’t want to miss this! NPR hosted an impromptu conversation through the ASAE CEO Network recently. It was a great time of informal conversation and Q&A around the benefits of each staffing model, with experts weighing in from all angles. CLICK HERE to play this episode of the 501(c)ast on staffing.
We hope you find this recorded session helpful as your nonprofit considers which option will move you into a successful 2021 and beyond. Want more? Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more episodes of the 501(C)ast; Information You Need From Experts We Trust!
CLICK HERE for a side-by-side comparison of management models, courtesy of the AMC Institute.

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