3 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Honor Black History Month Nonprofit Resources February 5, 2021

3 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Honor Black History Month

Black history is a fundamental piece of all American history. In February, schools, major brands, and individuals around the country participate in one of the most celebrated cultural heritage months of the year. This month is a time to recognize and reflect on the continued struggle for racial justice, as well as celebrate the triumphs of Black people in America.  

Here are three of many ways that your nonprofit can honor Black History Month!

Collaborate with other nonprofits that are Black-led and making history.

Nonprofit Resources believes in collaboration amongst the nonprofit industry. Consider partnering with other nonprofits centralized on Black empowerment and amplification. Here are a few nonprofits your association can consider partnering with!

  • National Black Women’s Justice Institute – The National Black Women’s Justice Institute (NBWJI) aims to eliminate racial and gender disparities in the U.S. criminal legal system that are responsible for its disproportionate impact on Black women, girls, and gender nonconforming people. NBWJI seeks to dismantle the punitive paradigm driving the U.S. criminal legal system and build, in its place, pathways to healing and opportunity.
  • BlackPAC – BlackPAC is an independent, Black-led organization that uses the power of year-round political engagement and elections to change our economic, justice, and political systems.
  • DuSable Museum of African American History – The mission of the DuSable Museum of African American History is to promote understanding and inspire appreciation of the achievements, contributions, and experiences of African Americans through exhibits, programs, and activities that illustrate African and African American history, culture and art.
  • Always consider looking at partnering with local organizations as well!

Support or promote Black artists, writers, and other creatives with your nonprofit’s platform.

In the age of technology, there is no more powerful tool than social media. Use your association’s platform to recognize and promote Black greatness! The number of talented Black artists, writers, and other talented creatives is endless. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking!

  • Hold a fundraiser to support Black artists. Work with artists local to your association to promote their work.
  • Need a brand refresh for your nonprofit? Consider consulting with Black artists new to the industry. Showcase their work, and jumpstart a career.
  • Share art that aligns with your nonprofit’s vision and relates to your industry on your social platforms.

Participate in or endorse online events!

During a time where it seems that there is no shortage of virtual events, consider endorsing existing programs instead of hosting your own. Eventbrite will be spotlighting a cross-section of events that inspire action, education, and awareness every week through the month of February. From panel discussions with influential Black voices to open mic poetry nights and decolonized history lectures. Check out their collection of events here!

There are endless things that your nonprofit can do to support the Black community, not just during Black History Month, but year-round. If you’re not sure where to get started, the first step is to get educated! If you’re not sure of an appropriate way to celebrate Black History Month, here’s how NOT to celebrate.

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