Funding Fact & Fiction Nonprofit Resources February 17, 2021

Funding Fact & Fiction

Tired of confusing information about nonprofit overhead? Tune in to Eposide 9 of the 501(C)ast. Nonprofit fundraising coach Sherry Quam Taylor of QuamTaylor dispels myths around budgeting for successful nonprofit function. In this episode, we learn the common roadblocks that nonprofits experience when trying to reach a new funding level. Sherry also shows us the first steps in breaking through. You’ll learn a few new things…..for example, did you know that 77% of nonprofits raise under $1M in annual revenue, and 91% of nonprofits raise under $5M in annual revenue?

We’re happy to have Sherry as a partner, and encourage you to visit her web site to download the new 2021 whitepaper The Problems with Traditional Nonprofit Fundraising & WHAT TO DO INSTEAD.

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