Collaboration in Rural Health Nonprofit Resources April 14, 2021

Collaboration in Rural Health

There’s a new organization in town, the Global Rural Nursing Exchange Network. In getting to know this new group, we’ve learned more about how rural healthcare is completely different in countless ways. A rural nurse is not always walking around in scrubs with a stethoscope. He or she might be riding a 4-wheeler in muck boots to reach a remote village in need of healthcare, and this nurse may be the only lifeline a community has to health and wellness. Do you know a rural nurse?
Give this nurse your full support, and let them know GRNEN is here for them.

The entire rural health system is dependent on its many parts working to support one another. Authors Jean Ross, Samuel Mann & Keith Whiddon provided this poster outlining the intricacies and importance of working together to serve rural communities. We are excited to work with the GRNEN leadership team to launch a new global network aimed at connecting rural nurses in a way that has not existed before. Rural nurses need and deserve a place to learn, collaborate, and network at no cost. They need grant funding. They need support, because times are especially hard right now. GRNEN will serve this purpose, and we are very excited to be part of it.

We are HUGE fans of collaboration, and can’t wait to see this new endeavor take off.
For more information, email or contact us at +1 605-219-5298 to become part of the network.

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