What Would You Do With 10% More? Nonprofit Resources August 4, 2021

What Would You Do With 10% More?

Nonprofit Resources is a member of the AMC Institute, and we LOVE the research they conduct! In our mission to Help Nonprofits Succeed, it all comes down to stability and financial growth.

Recent data confirms what we know to be true. Nonprofits who are managed by AMCs perform better! According to Valmont Research, key findings of their recent study shows improved performance in many areas, including:

STABILITY: Associations have been clients of AMCs, on average, for nearly 13 years, and 21% of associations have been clients for 20 years or longer. Large associations are more likely to stay with an AMC for the long haul. The average tenure of associations with $3M+ in gross operating revenue was 22.3 years, about twice as long for associations with revenue of less than $3M.

FINANCIAL GROWTH: The model offers growth in revenue and income—under AMC management, client associations saw average annualized growth of 7.8% for gross operating revenue and 11.6% for net operating income.

Whether you’re stuck or growing, we’re happy to dive into the full report with you, to help your board discover how your nonprofit can thrive. Fill out THIS FORM to schedule a no-obligation, no-cost assessment of your operations and model.

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