Meet Up! We Are What We Do Nonprofit Resources July 5, 2022

Meet Up! We Are What We Do

Meet Up is a social media platform that is great for hosting and organizing in-person and virtual events and gatherings. It promotes “finding Meetup events so you can do more of what matters to you. Or create your own group and meet people near you who share your interests.”

When I first encountered Meet Up, I thought to myself: “What a clever name, that will get you into whatever you are into!” I noticed this group years ago and it has hailed numerous events that I have attended. It is a fantastic way to find others, even if it is just one other person who likes doing what you do. During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, I have noticed an influx of groups being established. Especially in a time when none of us could come out and meet with each other in person, it became more important than ever to maintain those human connections. Many people joined and established groups to pursue new hobbies and volunteer!

I have attended expos and social events through Meet Up. It’s a great way to find things to do when I am low on activities and looking to make a difference beyond what I already do through Nonprofit Resources. A human resources study reported on by CNBC shows that 70 percent of employees say it’s crucial to have friends in the workplace. Even when we don’t share a physical office space, since we are a remote team, I hope to invite some of my coworkers to attend an online Meet Up!

Some popular trends in Meet Up:

  • Professional networking
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • DIY (do-it-yourself)
  • Outdoor fitness

These are all great ways to find inspiration and work-life balance. It is also a great place to think about new ideas for future events!

Here’s a snapshot of a popular Meet Up in my state (Georgia!): 

Example of an event found on Meet Up

What do you enjoy doing? Get to meeting up!

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