Why You Should Use a Virtual Event Platform Nonprofit Resources October 13, 2022

Why You Should Use a Virtual Event Platform

We are living through a virtual renaissance, and it has completely reworked how we think, plan, and manage events. Now, nonprofits and other organizations are having to reimagine what events, conferences, and fundraisers look like post COVID-19. Although one might assume this must have a negative impact on what we truly get out of interactive spaces like these, many digital resources have arisen in which you might be taking more value away. 

Virtual event platforms are tools that specifically make event planning easier for you. They host interactive events like conferences, workshops, conventions, and more. These are more than just your regular video conferencing tools as they are in essence a virtual venue along with a set of tools to help you manage your event more efficiently and with a broader audience.

The Healthcare Hospitality Network (HHN)  is having their annual conference November 7th-9th in person, and they are using WHOVA, a platform that is described as an all-in-one event management platform focusing on audience engagement, to organize and host their conference. NPR’s own Account Executive, Hanif Smith, is a lead organizer for HHN’s upcoming conference and had only great things to say about the app and its features,

“The Healthcare Hospitality Conference is all about connection, and WHOVA has only made that easier. WHOVA’s attendee-facing elements make it easy to share the agenda, highlight sponsors, and connect attendees in real time — before and during the meeting. The platform has streamlined the process of collecting speaker and sponsor material, making content changes immediately available to attendees while minimizing required staff time.”

Whether you are hosting an all virtual, hybrid, or even an in-person event you might want to explore using a virtual platform to assist in your program organizing!

Learn more about the virtual app HHN is using here: Whova

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