The Sky is the Limit with Association Management Companies Nonprofit Resources October 24, 2022

The Sky is the Limit with Association Management Companies

Association management companies (AMCs), such as Nonprofit Resources, are for-profit businesses that help nonprofits grow and prosper. AMCs offer expertise, resources, and tools necessary for trade groups, societies, and philanthropic organizations to advance their long-term goals and effectively manage daily operations. When a nonprofit does not have the time or budget to bring in specific people for specific roles, they often turn to AMCs to help. While some AMCs offer only full association management, others like Nonprofit Resources, offer singledepartment expertise as well. Either way, the nonprofit is freed up to focus on their mission, not on the logistics. 


Is an AMC right for you?   

The AMC model allows all services to be customized to meet specific goals. Whether your nonprofit needs full-service management or specific services such as strategic planning, membership development, communications, bookkeeping, event planning for example – an AMC offers the ability to share experts with other nonprofits to increase capacity, save money, and ensure top-notch work. AMC staff have diverse backgrounds and experiences, and these all come together to empower nonprofits and associations.  

Because AMCs typically manage multiple organizations, a wealth of experience comes into play through proven best practices, tools, and operations models. By using the skills and experience of an AMC, organizations benefit from the learned experience of other nonprofits. Organizations also benefit from an AMC’s flexibility, agility, stability of staff, and affordability, making this a great alternative for operating a single department or an entire organization. 


The real beauty of engaging with an AMC is the flexibility. If an organization has a marketing need one year, but an event need the next year, they have already established a relationship with a company that can provide any or all of what is needed.  This eliminates the stress and risk of the hiring process, which has been a huge advantage in recent years as organizations experience staff turnover and face gaps in programming staffing. 

Do you like statistics? 


AMCI recently commissioned the largest independent study on the financial performance of nonprofits ever undertaken. The research, conducted by Dr. James Gaskin of Brigham Young University, finds regardless of tax status or budget size – growth in net income, net revenue, and net assets are stronger when using AMCs.The 2022 Growth Report analyzes 990s of more than 10,000 c(3) and c(6) organizations with budgets between $1M and $20M from 2015 2019. These results reaffirm a previous 2015 study conducted by the same research team. 


  • AMC managed organizations have an average of 58% greater growth in revenue and assets when compared to independently managed organizations over the same period (2015-19).  
  • AMCmanaged organizations have the greatest average net assets and exhibit the greatest steady growth.  
  • AMCmanaged organizations also have the greatest average profit and the least negative growth (profit growth AMC: -4.82%; IND: -30.15%; HYBRID: -58.10%). AMC‘s average net asset growth has been explosive (+113%) during this period for organizations with $10-20M in revenue. 
Infographic describing AMC Business model. 90% Average total gross revenue...


From fullservice association management to dynamic departmental support, Nonprofit Resources has all the staff and tools that an association needs to succeed. Our clients say it best! Contact us at to discuss how we can help you and your association thrive.  

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