Are Leadership Forums the Future?   Christine Do October 25, 2022

Are Leadership Forums the Future?  

EVENT RECAP: RESNET Code Compliance Leadership Forum 

The RESNET Code Compliance Leadership Forum was a prime example of how Nonprofit Resources staff were able to turn an association challenge into an astounding success! Over the course of two days, the Residential Energy Service Network (RESNET) community came together in-person for the first time since 2019, to discuss a critical topic of the industry: code compliance. For those who are not familiar with the building performance industry, this topic is a longstanding theme because it combines the goals and mission of building performance, with legislation and actual enforcement of the work that these professionals dedicate their time to.  

How It Started 

After the 2022 RESNET Virtual Building Performance Conference, the RESNET Events Team (comprised of Nonprofit Resources staff Emma Bennett, CAE, Clara Hedrick, and Christine Do) evaluated feedback from attendees, sponsors, leadership, and other stakeholders on how to best serve the members of the RESNET community. RESNET had seen higher turnouts for this national event digitally, than ever before, and it was deemed a priority to re-evaluate event strategy. After countless brainstorming sessions and research on the events landscape, the RESNET Events Team decided to forge ahead with a new experience: in-person, regional leadership forum events.

RESNET Code Compliance Leadership Forum in Austin, TX

Unlike a national conference, these smaller and intimate events are designed with focused topics to allow the RESNET network to engage and learn from experts in a setting that otherwise would not be possible. The critical topics of the industry were identified, and locations were selected to reflect key stakeholders and accessibility.  

As planning the event agenda began, we recognized that past formats of long keynotes and content-heavy educational sessions would not meld with the dynamic and interactive format that we were creating. Therefore, we worked with our engagement platform, Joyn and our A/V provider, CTI, to create a platform and agenda that would allow attendees to have the best experience possible. We focused on having:  

  • Live Q&A on an app where attendees could submit questions
  • No Powerpoints!
  • Informative Panel General Sessions with knowledgeable panelists and moderators 
  • Roundtable Breakout Sessions with moderators where every attendee had a chance to ask their questions 
  • Memorable networking receptions 
  • … and of course, time and space for attendees to just say “hi”. We’ve missed each other!  

Event Execution 

Over the course of two days, in beautiful Austin, TX, the RESNET community came together to discuss the crucial topic of code compliance, and other topics that were key to the building performance industry. Each day began with panel general sessions, followed by roundtable breakouts in the afternoons. Evenings capped off with networking receptions.  

For some attendees, it was their first RESNET event ever! For others, they are industry veterans and have been to quite a few RESNET events. Regardless, everyone had smiles on their face (the proof is in the pictures). 

A few of the very happy RESNET attendees at the opening reception.


The RESNET Code Compliance Leadership Forum was a leap away from our traditional events format of back-to-back keynotes, content-heavy sessions, and the RESNET community responded in such a positive manner. Gone are the days of long Powerpoints, when this content can be easily shared prior to or after the event for attendees to have time to brainstorm and process the new information. After all, an event is a time to engage, right?

Another successful event in the books for Nonprofit Resources! From full-service association management to dynamic departmental support, Nonprofit Resources has all the staff and tools that an association needs to succeed. Our clients say it best! Contact us at to discuss how we can help you and your association thrive.

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