How to Engage Millenials with your Nonprofit

A study by Achieve Guidance found MILLENNIALS PREFER TO CONNECT VIA TECHNOLOGY They use websites and search engines primarily for information-gathering, finding volunteer opportunities, and donating online. They rely on social media and email for communicating and connecting with their networks, while mobile technology gives them instant access to all these channels. MILLENNIALS SHARE IN…

NHRA and ALA Join NPR Client Roster

Nonprofit Resources is excited to announce the addition of two new clients on the Nonprofit Resources roster in 2019 – the National Human Resources Association (NHRA) and the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA). “The National Human Resources Association (NHRA) is focused on advancing the individual career development, planning, and leadership of human resource (HR) professionals….

NPR’s 2019 Recap

2019 has been a big year for Nonprofit Resources! We are excited to ring in the new year with a handful of new team members on board and clients that have joined the NPR family. NEW CLIENTS IN 2019 In 2019, Nonprofit Resources added 3 new clients in addition to the 5 existing NPR clients….