AMCI Institute Annual Meeting  Nonprofit Resources February 2, 2023

AMCI Institute Annual Meeting 

The Association Management Company Institute or AMCI hosted its 2023 annual meeting at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida January 25-27. The Nonprofit Resources team was represented by Emma Bennett, Kristin Bennett, Clara Hedrick, Christine Do, and Hanif Smith during this event. 


Nonprofit Resources is accredited by AMCI, so it attends both events each year to stay up to date on industry best practices. In addition to connecting with industry friends, the team got to engage in several educational sessions and round table discussions. They covered current trends, opportunities, and challenges for associations as well as the association management industry.  


A few key takeaways from the event: 

  • The search for talent is greater than ever, with finance and human resource positions in heavy demand. 
  • Based on current research, the recession and economic slow-down may not be as drastic as originally projected.
  • The event & meeting industry is picking up speed with many organizations re-inventing traditional events that happened before the COVID-19 shutdown.
  • In-person meetings are back with 75% of associations opting for in-person meetings without a virtual component Hotel venue Food & Beverage costs are seeing a general increase of 10% in 2023.
  • Cyber Security is essential to every business/associations & team training can help mitigate cyber-attacks. 
  • There are many ways that AMCs can collaborate including service offerings or just general knowledge sharing.
  • Information delivery when presenting ideas, it is almost always best to deliver bad news before good news to allow your audience to see you as a trustworthy, honest person. 
  • Storytelling and information flow are becoming more important than ever. A multichannel marketing and communication strategy might not be as effective as a strategic, omni-channel one 
  • A combination of pandemic induced staffing shortages in the hotel, audiovisual, and transportation sectors along with increased demand for in-person meetings mean that it is more important than ever to confirm venues and vendors early. 
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