The Top 5 Characteristics People Research About Your Nonprofit Nonprofit Resources August 21, 2019

The Top 5 Characteristics People Research About Your Nonprofit

It is important to consider the thoughts of the public or individuals that do not work for your nonprofit organization. Some aspects of your company may sway an individual to jump on board or even invest in your nonprofit. Let’s take a look at 5 characteristics that an individual may be influenced by when considering your organization.

Do you collaborate with similar organizations? Are the organizations found at the local, regional, or national level?

Collaborating with other organizations shows that you are willing to hear others ideas and opinions. People enjoy this quality because it makes them feel like they are able to share their ideas too. Not only does this show that your nonprofit enjoys working with others, it showcases leadership. One reason why it may be nice for a nonprofit to work with a similar organization is to cut costs. Working with others allows the organizations to share infrastructure and administrative expenses. That is not the only benefit, so do not forget about the efficiency and advocacy that comes with extra hands. Working with others allows you to propose your mission to others you might not have reached otherwise.

Are you fulfilling your mission?

Fulfilling your mission may be the most important aspect about your nonprofit. Mission statements are put in place to share who you are and what your goals are as an organization. It will be difficult for someone to put trust in your organization if they are aware that you are not meeting the set expectations. When you fulfill your mission, it means that your donors will find peace and confidence in their decision to make a contribution.

How well have you utilized your funding?

It is important to keep your funding consistent from year to year. In order to potentially receive funding from the same source next year, it is key to use what you have received to show the need for their money. Be sure that your organization is using excellent budgeting strategies to keep track of funding.

Annually, are you meeting your goals, needs, and providing great results?

When a nonprofit reaches their goals and provides great results, it showcases their loyalty to their mission. As your organization holds themselves accountable for their goals, it helps your investors feel confident with their decision. Ultimately, having spectacular results will help your nonprofit flourish and make the difference you are hoping to achieve.

Compared to your competitors, how do your results compare or contrast?

The one major characteristic that will set your nonprofit apart from others is success. Success within a nonprofit is measured by staying true to your mission, being adaptive, respecting your donors, having great funding sources, all while inspiring others. Once you have established how to be successful within your organization, the change you are wishing to enforce will follow.

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