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A Letter From NPR’s Founder

Friends and colleagues,

To slow down the spread of COVID-19, many organizations are looking for virtual and remote-work solutions to protect their employees, members, leadership, and constituents.

For over 25 years, Nonprofit Resources (NPR) has successfully operated in a completely remote environment, and our team continually delivers exceptional service to our clients all across the country.  It’s no exaggeration to say that we’ve saved nonprofits millions of dollars in overhead costs over the years.

Now more than ever, nonprofits must continue their good work on behalf of their respective industries and causes. Nonprofit Resources continues to support organizations with affordable services, anytime and anywhere.  I’m proud to say, we have not missed a beat.

NPR offers full or partial services, tailored to your organization’s needs.  We’re standing ready to plan virtual events, increase activity in digital platforms, support members, manage public outreach, tackle strategic planning, guide leadership through facilitation, and much more. We are here to help you adapt and prepare for a new normal as this situation evolves.

Our mission statement is simple: helping nonprofits succeed. How can NPR help you accomplish that? Let me know.

Thank you for the amazing contributions you make to society through the estimated 1.5 million domestic nonprofits.  We’re here for you.  Please stay safe and healthy.


Kristin Bennett, President & Founder
Nonprofit Resources, LLC

Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Resources was formed with the idea that all nonprofits, large or small, need and deserve a professional staff at an affordable price. Incorporated in 2007, we're grounded in the experience of President Kristin Bennett’s 27 years as an Executive Director, and built as a team of specialists to serve all types of nonprofits. Nonprofit Resources employs all levels of executive, program, and administrative staff with a broad range of experience to meet your needs.

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