Live At-Home Workout with Iron Pineapple Nonprofit Resources March 26, 2020

Live At-Home Workout with Iron Pineapple

The COVID-19 national emergency is forcing everyone to transition to remote work and self-quarantine. Many are trying to navigate this “new normal” by adopting healthy routines from home.

One of the best things you can do to avoid going stir-crazy is exercise, and lucky for you, no gym is needed to get a great workout. Nonprofit Resources is partnering with The Iron Pineapple to offer a complimentary at home, live-streamed workout!

Dr. Dani Iosefo has successfully trained and rehabilitated hundreds of people across the United States and is currently offering $5 workouts Monday-Friday through Zoom.

Various classes are offered to get you moving and keep you motivated at our own house. It’s only 45 minutes, but you’ll leave with burning muscles and a bunch of endorphins. We’ll see you online!

The first workout is free with code NPRFREE

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