From Talking the Talk to Walking the Walk Nonprofit Resources July 27, 2022

From Talking the Talk to Walking the Walk

Recently, Healthcare Hospitality Network hosted a webinar on “Taking the First Steps to Creating a Culture of Equity and Belonging in Your Organization”. Organized and moderated by Nonprofit Resources’ very own Emily Lynch, this webinar brought together three experts to share insight into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies and practices. With many organizational missions advancing to take bolder action, these conversations and strategies have become more prominent than ever.

View the webinar below!

Video from HHN Webinar on “From Talking the Talk to Walking the Walk: Taking the First Steps to Creating a Culture of Equity and Belonging in Your Organization”

Leaders across the country are attending panel discussions and training to get an understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies and practices. Training covers the meaning of words like inclusion, implicit bias, and micro aggressions. But how do we incorporate what we are learning into our work environment? How do we start down the path of creating a culture of belonging that is intentional and evident to our internal and external stakeholders? Join us as our panelists share strategies to take what you are learning and put it into action.

About the Speakers:

Shavonne Washington-Krauth, Culture and Inclusion Manager, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

Shavonne Washington-Krauth is the inaugural Culture and Inclusion Manager for Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha, NE. Ms. Washington-Krauth’s responsibilities include the creation and revision of systems, policies, opportunities, and environments in which everyone can not only work, but thrive at a more equitable rate without feeling excluded or marginalized. She also leads the development and implementation of a culture, diversity, and inclusion strategic framework; initiation and supervision of six employee resource groups and serves as an advisor or subject matter expert on topics regarding the organization’s culture, diversity, and inclusion efforts.

Dr. William T. Lewis, Sr, Founder & President, WillHouse Global

Dr. William T. Lewis, Sr., a nationally recognized diversity and inclusion thought leader and entrepreneur is an advisor and consultant to university presidents, and small to mid-size business leaders. Lewis is the host of the Beyond Color Blind Podcast, and is a master facilitator of Brave Conversations.  As a former Chief Diversity Officer, Lewis has led diversity and inclusion efforts at three highly acclaimed colleges and universities– Indiana University, Bridgewater State University and Virginia Tech University.

Lewis formerly served as the Special Consultant to the President for Belonging, Equity and Inclusion at Forsyth Technical Community College. Lewis served as a co-founder of CoopLew (2016-2021). Lewis serves the community of Winston Salem, as an advisory board member of the Black Philanthropy Initiative (BPI), an initiative of the Winston Salem Foundation. Lewis also serves his twelve years old son’s business, Cam’s Coffee Co,, as the Chief Executive Gopher (CEG). Cam’s was created to provide supportive employment for individuals with disabilities. 

Dave McIntosh, PhD, Vice Dean for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, UCLA

Dave McIntosh, PhD is an experienced professional with more than fifteen years of experience leading diversity, equity, and inclusion. Dave joined the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in August of 2021 as the inaugural Vice Dean for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Prior, Dave served at Wake Forest Baptist Health as the Vice President, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer for the health system. Dave has also served in inaugural Chief Diversity Officer roles at the University of Louisville, School of Medicine and the Texas A&M University, College of Medicine.

In his career, Dave has led many mission and accreditation critical functions focused on diversity, inclusion, climate, community engagement, and pipeline programs. He is a noted speaker, presenter, and consultant on diversity matters in health care and education, and serves on local and national boards and committees. His work has focused on creating equitable environments for all people by evaluating the climate, measuring the presence of diversity, building education and professional development opportunities, and assessing the policies, programs, practices, procedures and structures of organizations to ensure equitable outcomes.

At Nonprofit Resources, we are proud to support our clients in achieving their missions, and above all, “Helping Nonprofits Succeed”. We support action at every level and in every place, one of which is our very own Diversity Task Force. To achieve our mission of “Helping Nonprofits Succeed”, the Diversity Task Force aims to leverage our diverse backgrounds and experiences to establish a framework for organizational culture and examine diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our policies, procedures, and practices. It is our commitment, at every stage of organizational growth, to continue these aforementioned diversity efforts and articulate our Core Values. 

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