Nonprofit professional Brittany Quinn promoted to Deputy Director of Healthcare Hospitality Network

Brittany Quinn has been involved with HHN for many years, unfailingly proving her knowledge, commitment, and organizational skills to the entire national membership community. The Healthcare Hospitality Network is a relatively new client of Nonprofit Resources, and along with the management contract came a piece of pure gold. When Brittany came on board, her primary duty was management of member services. As HHN expanded the range of member services, the organization also needed to expand staff roles to manage the increasing activity and member engagement in programming.

The newly created Deputy Director role brings a greater level of responsibility and accountability to Brittany, and there’s no question in the mind of leadership, executive staff, and co-workers that she’s up to the task. As HHN continues to thrive and grow, the entire organization offers a standing ovation and a huge thank you to Brittany for years of dedication and service to the industry. There was never a promotion more deserved than this!

What does her family think?

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  1. Christy Stabber says:

    Congratulation, Brittany! Thanks for all you do!

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