Level Up Your Virtual Event kthayernpr September 1, 2021

Level Up Your Virtual Event

Virtual events might be showing up for another round this year, which means you need to up your virtual event game. Last year the Nonprofit Resources team carried out some great virtual events and the entertainment is what makes it all come together.

Snack Gift Box to enjoy during their virtual event. Our partner Wild Bird Feeding Institute has a wonderful virtual member meeting last year. Each member who signed up received one of these snack pack gifts. This is a great opportunity to offer as a virtual sponsorship, and to help drive your registration numbers (e.g. – first 100 people to join get a gift!)

Virtual Happy Hour can be such a fun way to let loose and replace the usual cocktail hour that most in-person events give you a chance to network. Our partner RESNET did an entertaining virtual happy hour each evening of their 3-day event. You can either take a break and each grab your own drinks or something RESNET did was had a mixologist join on and create a featured drink. Make sure to include talking points or ice breakers to get everyone involved!

Virtual Museum Tour, one of the best things about an in-person event is being able to make a trip out of it; doing a little site seeing. Take advantage of zero crowds and art exhibits for your attendees by making this happen virtually!

Virtual Trivia Night, Comedy Night, Virtual Work Out Class, there are so many enthralling ways to spice up your virtual event for your attendees. If you’re interested in learning ways to pivot your in-person event to virtual while keeping your participants involved reach out to us to see how we can help! LET’S CHAT!

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