Case Study: Campaign Significantly Boosts Association’s Event Registration Nonprofit Resources June 26, 2023

Case Study: Campaign Significantly Boosts Association’s Event Registration

About the Association

The Energy and Environmental Building Alliance’s (EEBA) mission is, “to advance the leading edge of building science knowledge and sustainable business practices in the residential construction community through education, sharing and collaboration.”

Nonprofit Resources assisted the EEBA to increase their event registration.

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Phone Calls


Marketing Emails


Increase in Attendee Registration

The Opportunity

EEBA retained help from the Nonprofit Resources team to increase registration for the 2021 EEBA Summit Event.

Our Approach

The Nonprofit Resources team executed a call campaign as well as a marketing campaign to increase event registration.

Over the course of two months, the Nonprofit Resources team called over 1,100 potential attendees providing information on how to register and what to expect from the Summit.

In addition, Nonprofit Resources sent a total of 12 marketing emails highlighting event information, speakers, and registration incentives.

The Results

  • 300 Registered Attendees 
  • 1000% Increase in Attendance

When the Nonprofit Resources team took on the call campaign as well as the marketing campaign, the EEBA Summit had less than 30 registered attendees. There were nearly 300 individuals registered for the Summit at the end of the campaign.

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The basic ideas of this project will be replicated for other clients in many ways. First, call campaigns to increase event registration have proven to be successful. In this case, the Nonprofit Resources team connected with hundreds of potential attendees and answered their pressing questions.

Additionally, we utilized A/B subject line testing for all marketing emails, which increased open rates. Through Constant Contact, we were able to determine what types of subject lines our contact list responded to best. Then, we continued to improve those subject lines to increase open and click rates. This will apply to all other clients with upcoming events or programming.

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